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Testosterone Infused Gaming Heroes

The world of gaming is infamous for featuring protagonists who are overly boyish or outright feminine.  This left the door wide open for these stars to be interpreted as burly, testosterone filled heroes worthy of starring in any mindless action movie.


The Many Faces of Mario

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mario's first staring role, in Super Mario Bros., the latest installment of the characters of gaming art series is featuring works to honor gaming's favorite hero plumber.  Mario has always been a man of many hats and abilities.  Whether it be from the aid of fire-inducing flowers, leaves that cause raccoon tail growth, or simple yellow capes that allow the pudgey plumber to glide on the wind. 

Taking the notion that Mario is a hero of many faces, this art series delves into a look at how he would look if he took on the persona of other figures prominent in pop culture.


The World of Warcraft Meets The Mushroom Kingdom

In the latest video game-inspired art series, we focus on how an MMO might appear if it were set inside of Mario's vibrant world of the Mushroom Kingdom. In this case, we're just going to use World of Warcraft as a base for class types (after all, if you understand what anMMO is, then you're most likely familiar with WoW).


The Return of the Game Character Gender Swap

It only comes natural that our original art series would eventually return to showcase more video game gender benders - and that time has come.  Following is part two of the Game Character Gender Swap.  This time in full color, digitally airbrushed glory.  Check out the new entries in the slide show to the right.


Fake LEGO Game Concepts

Allowing gamers to combine two of their most beloved hobbies to recreate their favorite movie scenes has become big business.  What if the LEGO games borrowed more from other hit video game franchises rather than movies


Gaming With Mustached Stars

We all know that Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, and Ned Flanders once made the lip ferret a manly, yet stylish choice for facial growth.  Even the world of gaming has had its pioneers of mustached heroes.  Most notably,the Mario brothers and Old Snake have set the stage for a future of video game mustaches.  There's even a look at how old Mario would look if he ever finally shaved off is lip trophy for good measure. Enjoy.


When Comic Books and Video Games Collide

Take a look at what would happen if comic book characters were to invade the world of gaming and team up with best characters that video game lore has to offer.  In this scenario Solid Snake would stalk the night alongside Batman.  The Incredible Hulk battles Donkey Kong (perhaps over bananas).  Spider-Man and Rico Rodriguez trade swinging tips while the two most iconic characters in their field, Mario and Superman, take to the skies in caped wonder.


Video Game Mash-ups

There have been a handful of crossovers within the world of video games,like those found in the Super Smash Bros. series for instance.  What if the idea for crossovers was taken one step further and two popular game characters were combined together to make one single entity.


The Great Game Character Gender Swap

Current franchises, like Mass Effect and Fable, that put gamers into the role of a specific hero (as opposed to allowing them to create one from scratch) are now allowing players to pick the sex of their lead character.

What would happen if other developers brought this gender change idea into their titles, allowing gamers to pick the sex of famous preset characters?  Here's a look at what some of gaming's most well known characters would appear if their gender was changeable too.


Making Games Better With Beards: Part 2

Back by popular demand and after many requests, more beards are being slapped on to the superstar characters of gaming to give them a new look and help them compete in today's market that is more thirsty for mature games.


Making Games Better With Beards

Instead of creating entire new franchises that feature fresh,adult-themed characters; the world of gaming can just take its existing superstars and transform them into more mature figures of the industry.

There's no easier way to do this than by slapping a beard on several established characters.  Because there's nothing more mature than a man with a ferret on his chin.


The Cast of LOST Joins the World of Gaming

Now that the show LOST has come to and end, the residents of the mysterious island will need something new to entertain themselves.  What if the Lost roster filled their time by entering the world of gaming. Where would each character belong?


When Video Game Heroes Grow Old

As people, gamers grow older year after year.  Yet the figures they play in video games continue to stay the same age.  Stars of film and television that fans love all eventually grow old with time.  What if the beloved characters from hit games also aged?  What would it be like to see these aging mascots?


Game Stars Head West

Take a look at Mario herding atop Yoshi's back, MegaMan trading in his laser cannon for a gatling gun,  how Sam Fisher would look if he were a member of the United States Military during the final days of the wild west, and more.


The Best of the Characters of Gaming Art Series

The art encompasses stars from gaming's past and present by  featuring classic characters such as Pac-man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and everybody's favorite plumber Mario; while mixing in current favorites like Sam Fisher, Commander Shepard, and Rico Rodriguez.


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